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How to Get Verified on YouTube in 2023?

Note: This post is for "YouTube Verification by Verified Checkmark" If you're looking for YouTube Verification of Phone Number then refer to "This Post"

Verification has been one of the greatest issues being faced by small to medium-sized creators that are on YouTube grind for a very long time. The pride and "Cash" that comes around with verification on YouTube has made this so much more popular than other social media channels that people are now leaving their jobs to join the YouTube Grind just to get a bite off of this pie, and why not?

YouTube has gained a massive boost of users in the past 10 years. From its 800 million monthly active users in 2013 to its massive 2 billion+ users in 2023 is no small jump. Even for a Tech Giant such as Alphabet. 2 billion+ users makes YouTube one of the biggest Video Sharing Platform ever to exist. And the biggest part is that this number also converts into $$$.

But you're already earning money from your channel, right? Why do you need verification? Well, the answer is quite simple.

Let me explain...

About Verified Channels


If a channel is verified, it's the official channel of a creator, artist, company, or public figure. Verified channels help distinguish official channels from other channels with similar names on YouTube

Plus you get a shiny proudy armour to display on your Background, which coincidentally also shows your channel name.

Also, you get a check mark after your channels show you're legit.

This not only boosts your brand's image but also stands out your channel to potential viewers, making them feel like they're somewhere they can get factual, useful, accurate, and the funniest (if that's your cup of tea) content.

That's all tidy and good, but "How do I get Verified?"

Precisely by meeting these metrics:

How to get YouTube Verification in 2023?


First of all, you should have met the following metrics:

  • Your Channel should have at least 100,000 subscribers.

  • The channel's content should be genuine. It must show that your drain has authentic content and not copied content. If YouTube does not get satisfied with your content they might have already shown their disinterest by un--monetizing you (that's truly an unfortunate situation) or they might outright reject your channel verification.

  • You should not have any copyright claims present on your channel at the time you get your channel verification badge.

Well voila! that's all it takes to get verified!

If you fulfill the above then go through this verification process, if not, wait a little until you start meeting all these metrics, and then proceed.

Now to get Verified:

  1. Visit YouTube Verification, Application Page

  2. Enter your Channel Name & ID.

  3. Click Submit.

  4. WAIT! YouTube might take a couple of weeks, to get you that verification badge, and a couple of months to ship your shiny armor (subject to your location). In case you might not fulfill their criteria or are a relatively new Jonra, they might ask you for your verification of authenticity before giving you that verified badge.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! You're Verified.


Getting YouTube verified gives you particular pride & respect from the platform that nothing else does. Although it does wear over time, when a person receives it the first time it feels like everything!, and it is. So my last straw to you would be to work towards it if you've not yet reached the target, and If you've reached it then work on getting ahead, this is and was just the first step to your journey.


Can Your channel get verified before completing the requirements?

Yes, your channel can get verified before you complete the requirements. But it depends entirely on YouTube, if they wish they can verify your channel before time and give you that verification badge of honor. But You still won't be able to get that silver play button before completing the 100,000 milestone.

How long does it take to actually get verified?

The verification process entirely depends on YouTube, it might take them 2 days to 2 weeks to get you that verified badge. In this time period, YouTube verifies your identity and makes sure you are who you say you are.

Is there any way to speed this process up?

If you believe that you are the biggest creator in a particular niche, even though that niche is small, there are ways to get you that verified badge faster. Just contact YouTube through their official channels like their verification process or their Social Media Accounts. PS: YouTube responds fastest from their Twitter Handle.

What additional benefits do I get after the verification process is complete?

You might get a channel manager based on your niche, who would handle all the contacts with YouTube moving forward, Channel managers are people who help you sort out the difficulties you face with your YouTube channel. They often are really helpful.


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